Our Company

CICTAN Health Group Corp. was registered in British Colombia, Canada under the direction of a group of most passionate, prominent and distinguished healthcare medical professionals and research scientists around the world. They have been actively involved in the research of new technologies and concepts in cancer prevention, as well as the promotion of integrative cancer treatment programs for cancer patients and individuals with the most challenging illnesses.

They have been fascinated by the many secrets of nature. Over the years, they have studied natural compounds and their effects and effectiveness on the human body. CICTAN Health Group Corp. nurtures and supports a team of most eminent and promising medical experts and research scientists in developing its products. This is resonant with the company's unparallel commitment to natural health research. Consequently, the company develops unique and leading nutritional formulations based heavily on solid and unbiased scientific research to deliver maximum effectiveness. Founded on solid research, the company is ready to meet with the needs of the wellness minded individuals and individuals with the most challenging health issues.

Our mission

The mission of CICTAN Health Group Corp. is to promote a collaborative approach to personal and community health through health and wellness promotion, educational seminars and events and user-friendly programs. We are committed to provide opportunities that facilitate and support growth in the multiple dimensions of health: emotional, physical, mental, psychological, social, environmental, occupational, intellectual and spiritual well-being of people coming from all walks of life. We aim to foster a vital, peaceful and harmonious community that advances in holistic preventive, complementary medicine and integrative treatments based on natural, safe and effective products. We explore an array of food based nutritional supplements, proactive health education, awareness and social interaction to facilitate individuals to achieve a healthier life.

We hope to inspire critical thinking, empower the individual to live a quality/fulfilling life and play an active role in their own health.  We believe a healthy society starts with a healthy community.  And a healthy community stems from emotionally and physically well-balanced and well-adjusted healthy individuals.

The goals of the CICTAN Health Group Corp. are to:

  • offer custom-tailored programs and services emphasizing healthy lifestyle awareness, well balanced diet and weight management, prevention, positive and healthy behavior change through proactive wellness center,
  • provide current and accurate information on personal and community health issues, the most current and accurate information on new medical breakthroughs, updated information on natural, effective and safe products, and new non-invasive medical device to enhance and address personal health issues,
  • foster a peaceful and vibrant community; nurture a supportive environment to promote emotionally well-balanced healthy individuals.
  • provide true and unbiased knowledge, encourage critical thinking, offer relaxation and non-impacting exercise programs, user-friendly techniques to improve and maintain optimal health in which may enhance personal, academic or work performances.