About us

CICTAN Health Group Corp was founded in 2010, we are working with a group of most passionate, prominent and distinguished healthcare medical professionals and research scientists around the world. Our team of experts and scientists have devoted all their lives working around the clock to bring you the very best in nutritional science-based food supplement, natural supplement; and natural skincare products by using the best natural ingredients, with the combinations of the traditional Chinese Medicine herbs extract. All our products are approved by Health Canada and made in Canada. 

Our aim is to promote a collaborative approach to personal individual and community health through our health and wellness promotion, educational seminars and user friendly programs. Our goals are to offer custom-tailored programs and services emphasizing healthy lifestyle awareness, well balanced diet and weight management, prevention, positive and healthy behaviour change through proactive wellness center, to provide current and accurate information on personal and community health issues, also the most current and accurate information on new medical breakthroughs, updated information on natural, effective and safe products. 

Our first step is to inspire each individual to be healthier via education, distributing the best natural, safe and highly effective nutritional products, and formulating our own high-tech, leading to 100% natural, non-toxic consumer product lines on unbiased scientific research.