Heallé Chia Seeds 454g

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Heallé Chia Seeds 454g  

Chia seeds are the tiny black seeds of the chia plant (Salvia hispanica). Native to Mexico and Guatemala, they were a staple food for the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. Chia seeds contain large amounts of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of high quality protein, and several essential minerals and antioxidants. They may improve digestive health, blood levels of heart-healthy omega-3s, and risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.


Powerful Properties:

  1. Anti-inflammatory: Chia seeds contain the highest source of the essential fatty acid Omega 3, making them a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  2. Loss Weight without Starving: The essential fatty acids contain in Chia seeds helps to boost metabolism and promote lean muscle mass.
  3. Help Colon Cleansing, Detoxification, Toxin Elimination, help prevent diverticulitis.
  4. Help Alleviate Digestive Disorders.
  5. The Omega-3-6 in Chia may help people with autism, ADHA or depression.


Way to Eat Chia Seeds: 

  • Smoothies - a tablespoon or less of fresh chia seed is to add texture and nutrients to your fruit and veggie smoothies.
  • Salad dressings - add about a tablespoon of chia seed when you make your own salad dressing recipe, by combining chia seeds with dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar and honey, the more seeds you add, it will thicker the dressing.  
  • Baked goods - top muffins or quick bread with chia seeds before baking.
  • Granola, Protein Bars, or Energy Bars - chia seeds give homemade granola, energy, or protein bars a fiber boost.