Meet the Scientists

Dr. Jack He

Founder, President, CEO

Dr. Jack He is a highly respected scientist, a cancer researcher who has specialized in integrative cancer therapies and prevention. He has devoted over two decades in research and development of safe, effective natural health products. His dedication has earned him the respect of renown scientists and his health care professionals. Dr.Jack He received his Medical Doctorate and Master of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (focus on oral cancer) at China’s Fourth Military Medical University in 1991 and 1994 respectively. He has published many articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and spoken at numerous international medical conferences on integrative cancer therapies and cancer prevention. His life’s work has led to NICT Therapy—a group of novel therapeutic methods in advanced and multi-drug resistant cancers that have been proven effective in reducing solid tumor size, improving clinical symptoms, increasing quality of life and prolonging survival rates.

After immigrating to Vancouver in 1998, he chose to work for a local pharmaceutical company for another eight years. “That is a valuable working experience,” he says. “It has not only taught me the professional managerial skills in the Canadian health-care industry, but also opened my eyes and shaped my future by helping me find where my true passion lies.” While working at the local firm, Dr. Jack He also applied his expertise in public service. Notably, in 2006, he created a non-governmental organization – an interactive platform to connect doctors and patients. At the same time, he also edited an international journal for cancer research, in which he summarized and shared with readers his own experience in treating cancer. Dr. Jack He considers these experiences as the foundation laid for his own business. On the one hand, it connected him with many other medical and pharmaceutical professionals, some of whom later became his business partners; on the other hand, it made him realize that the values of his own company should be rooted in helping patients and serving customers. “Business is created to help others. Because of that, I was motivated to explore a new and better healthcare business,” Dr. Jack He says.

An outstanding feature of his business model is to incorporate traditional Chinese medical concepts into the modern western health-care industry. After many years of clinical exploration into treatments for cancer and other chronic diseases, Jack redirected his focus to people’s wellness, hoping to find a way to help treat preventable diseases. Familiar with the teachings and doctrines imparted by the Huangdi Neijing – the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine for over two millennia – he has turned his attention to sourcing healthy food with medicinal qualities. “I believe that this is the strength of our own culture. Traditional Chinese medicine deserves more attention and internationalization. It will offer more options for the modern health-care industry,” he says. Therefore, his research team has brought plenty of Chinese medicinal herbs to Canada. They have been found to contain high nutritional and medicinal value, and, Dr. Jack He believes, to be more natural, safer, and more effective than western medicine. In addition, he has also expanded his business beyond healthy, functional food into skincare and healthcare services. He summarizes by saying, “Our biggest achievement over the past 6 years is a full industry chain connecting research and development with product manufacturing, branding, sales, and customer services.”

Dr. Jack He spent nearly 15 years transforming himself from a cancer specialist to a businessman and entrepreneur who owns a company in the growing healthcare industry. He is confident that he will be able to resolve any challenges his business may face in the future and remains optimistic about his own career. 


Dr. Victor Rios

Partner, Senior Scientist of Research and Development

Dr. Rios received his PhD in Biochemistry at MIT. Having devoted his life to the study of enzyme biochemistry, and natural preservatives. Dr. Rios has over 40 years of experience conducting research and development in biological chemistry, functional food science and natural skincare formulations.

Dr. Rios previous work’s focus has been on the study of oxidative stress,  molecular hydration, energy medicine and structured water. During the time of his studies on structured water, he discovered that our bodies can only absorb about 15% of most waters such as tap, spring, or bottled, however, the micro-clustering water allows the body to absorb 85-95%. By drinking water that contains fewer molecules, we can hydrate our body more quickly and effectively.